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The Comprehensive Collections

A Heavy Hand Collection

Paintings are rendered in a strong manner resulting in a highly tactile work of art.  These paintings are created on both a traditional canvas and on natural materials such as plywood.  They are primarily created using oil paint, but may also have elements of mixed media applied.   

The intention is to create art that is spontaneous, fresh, masculine, and full of earthly presence.   

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Magical Ink and Paper Collection

Magical Paper and Ink is a collection of original works on paper, prints, and posters.  I welcome you to spend some time and enjoy the collection.

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A Stream of Discovery Collection

Fine art created with quickly applied streams and drips of paint into a composition into which colors and tones are added.  The paintings have been described as having a 'stained glass' appeal.  These paintings are mostly created with acrylic paint with later explorations including spray enamel and mixed media adornments. 

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A Stream of Discovery - Original Art by Painter Loki

Then there was the Word - Poetry and Prose Collection

A (growing) collection of verse, essays, poetic analysis, and just plain doggerel.  The written word and the visual image are often created in conjunction with one another.  Usually an idea simmers in the artist's being for a while, to emerge later in a painting, a poem, or both.  These digital downloads feature an image and it's associated poetry.  

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Then there was the Word - Poetry and Written Musings

Welcome to the Vault - An Archive of Creative History

A collection of art that has been sold, gifted, abandoned, or utterly lost to entropy. 

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Welcome to the Vault - An Archive of Creative History

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