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New Releases and Studio Updates from the Winter of 2023

New Releases and Studio Updates from the Winter of 2023

Good day friends,

It has been a productive few months since my last publication, and I would like to provide a few end of year updates from the Painter Loki studio.  

Creatively I have continued to find artistic inspiration in mythological themes (I am Painter Loki after-all), and from Renaissance era visual art, music, architecture, poetry, and history.  Perhaps it is because our present world culture is in an epochal period of change that having a historical understanding of a previous transitional period assists me with making sense of the world today.  Granted, there are as many examples of divergence as there are of concordance when attempting to make a parallel observation between these two time periods, and it could be argued quite convincingly that our present human experience is more akin to the late 19th and early 20th century world than the Renaissance.  The significant difference, and a contributing reason why I have dug a little deeper into our collective past is a desire to take influence from a period that was still artistically evolutionary.  

Please understand that when discussing an artistic study of a time period I am not referring to a scholastic study of materials and techniques, nor of technological and political influences, but of the very essence found in the creative output.  In other words, were the artists part of an expansive moment in creativity or in a diminishing moment?  Were the artists looking beyond themselves and the material world in an effort to transcend man's place, or were they looking, with gravitational intensity, at what keeps man diminished?   As an artist that holds man's creative capacity as something to be honored, nourished, and protected I choose to focus on the expansive; after all, if the diminished perspective is somehow to be revered then what need have we for art when a walk through an urban alleyway and a digital tabloid will suffice?               
Now, without further ado, here is what's new out of the studio! 

New releases in the 'A Heavy Hand' Collection:  Intermezzo, Passport Pictures, Wealth for the Wisher, The Sentencing of Young Prometheus, and Thy Spells Nocturnal. 

New releases in the 'Then There Was the Word' Collection: Imp Proper Behavior

New releases in the 'Stuck on You' Collection:  The Daring Midnight Escape of Schrödinger's Cat (sticker)

New releases in the 'A Sharp Perspective' Collection:  Birds find the Wind, Deja Vu, Santa Fe, The Magic of Being Still, The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, and Tide Pool. 

New in the "Magical Paper and Ink' Collection:  Moriae Encomium, Celestina Charms the Foundling, Imp Proper Behavior, Space Junk, The Barrier of Will, The Sentencing of Young Prometheus (print), The Daring Midnight Escape of Schrödinger's Cat (original work, poster, and print), Meritorious Obstinacy (original work, poster, and print), The Dissipation of Lilith (print). 

In order to keep my website 'under control' I have removed the 'Scattered Resonance' Collection to make room for the new "Magical Paper and Ink' Collection.  This new collection will feature original works on paper and is also the home for prints and posters.  On this note I am also rotating the art available on my website so as to keep it as interesting as possible.  If there is something that you are interested in that is no longer appears please send me an email and I can check the availability of it.  Most of the sold works still appear in the "Welcome to the Vault' Collection.  If the work is highlighted here it is no longer available.

Thank you for your continued interest and support! 

Some of the works referenced in this blog post:

Deja Vu - Stained Glass


Imp Proper Behavior - Original Pen and Ink



Intermezzo - Original Oil




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