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Vae Victis - Original Design – Sticker


Vae victis is Latin for "woe to the vanquished", or "woe to the conquered".
It means that those defeated in battle are entirely at the mercy of their conquerors and should not expect—or request—leniency.

In the heart of 5th century Europe, amidst the chaos of shifting empires, there lived a woman known as Elara, the Damsel of Resilience. Born into a world torn by strife, Elara bore witness to the fall of kingdoms and the rise of conquerors. Yet, she remained unyielding, her spirit tempered by the fires of adversity. With a sword in hand and "Vae Victis" etched upon her heart, she defied fate's cruel hand, carving her path through the annals of history. Though melancholy lingered in her eyes, it was the indifference of a warrior, unbroken and undefeated in the face of destiny's relentless march.

The sticker design is from an original Painter Loki ink on paper of the same name. 

5" x 3.5" original design die cut gloss sticker by artist Painter Loki.

Image Copyright Silver Palm Publishing, 2023

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Vae Victis - Original Design – Sticker



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