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Adventures at the Edge of Town - Original Painting


"Adventures at the Edge of Town" - Original Painting

52" x 52" (framed dimension).  Oil on Masonite panel in a studio made, hand painted frame. 

Original art by Painter Loki.  Original Poem by poet Angelina Der Arakelian

Adventures at the Edge of Town
by Angelina Der Arakelian

Harmony spreads her wings, eager to enter dreamland Compelling me with disillusioned eyes, we momentarily reflect on the world In a space so high, breathing where abundance flows, and Scarcity no longer makes sense

Before us stands a self-imposed border - a curtain so easily pulled
Yet so sturdy and emotionless, heavy and provoked
Always trembling, a boundary never willing to come undone
Wordlessly screaming at us, “Find your answer in your own struggle!”

Uninvited blessings attempt to peek at reality’s bleakness
As impatient as I am to trespass into fantasy’s promises, yet
Their voices sing a melody so enthralling and pure
“Perhaps what you seek is already within you.”

And so I let go of tormenting my environment to search for my soul
On a lonely road traveled by those unable to focus on one goal
The order I tried to achieve outside of me dissolves
As I make love to my inner chaos, simultaneously merging beauty and madness into one whole.

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Adventures at the Edge of Town - Original Painting



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