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Photos of Painter Loki and Art Buffoonery

Photos of Painter Loki and Art Buffoonery

Here are some pictures of the artist in no particular order. 

Me and my extra set of eyes. 


Uncovering mysteries in Belfast.


Sleeping on the job, or passed out from the solvent fumes?


Definitely a bit overdressed for a beach scene. 


The painting is situated higher than me on the steps.  What does this suggest?


Coffee.  At one time I guzzled the stuff.  Nowadays, one cup does it.


Drinking a Guinness inside an Irish castle as the world continues its descent.


Dragons are everywhere these days, it seems. 


This one didn't actually end up in the dumpster, but don't put it past me.


Candle light.  The only light by which to properly see.

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