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Potentiality - Original Painting


"Potentiality "

Potentiality -  po•ten•ti•al•i•ty

    n.     The state of being potential.
    n.     Inherent capacity for growth, development, or coming into existence.

In mythology a trickster is a character in a story (god, goddess, spirit, human, or animal) who exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and defy conventional behavior.   Ravens and crows are often used as anthropomorphic symbols of the Trickster.  

So, what is this trickster raven with the dynamite up to?  One may assume that he has lit the bundle of dynamite himself, but how can you be sure?  Perhaps he is just enjoying the moment of intense potential now that the true perpetrator has fled the scene.  A trickster is not good nor evil, merely one who enjoys playing at the fringes between order and chaos.  

His crown signifies his dominion over the realm between light and dark, and it is in his ability to accept the halo and put the fuse out, or look away from any moral obligation and allow it to detonate, perhaps taking himself with it if he trifles with fate for too long.  

This original work of realized potential will be at home adorning a race car driver's man cave, a Wall Street power brokers office, or a medieval castle.  

41" x 53" framed.  Original acrylic and oil painting by Painter Loki

The painting is further protected by a coat of matte varnish.

This item may require a shipping fee due to the size and weight of the painting.  Interested parties please contact me for additional information.

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Potentiality - Original Painting



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